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Preliminary programme

Preliminary programme

30. August (Tuesday) - arrival

1200-2100 Registration in Hotel “Floret” in Pruhonice

31. August (Wednesday)

Session 1: Changes of soil fertility (soil quality, physical, chemical and biological aspects, erosion)

Keynote lecture: Kutilek, M. (CZ): Soil physics and climate change

Keynote lecture: Gonet, S. (PL): Carbon sequestration in soils under different management

Kisic I., Basic F., Birkas M. (CRO-HU)

Effects of soil tillage on quality of soil loss

Korsun, S.G., Parnikoza, I., Kozeretska, I.A. , Kunakh, V. A. (UK)

Natural and anthropogenic influence delimitation on the soils composition in the maritime antarctic

Jandak, J., Hybler, V., Vlcek, V., Hladky, J. (CZ)

Tillage effect on saturated hydraulic conductivity of the topsoil and upper subsoil

Zahora J., Novosadova, I., Sinoga, J.D.R. (CZ)

Microbial activities related to nitrogen and carbon transformation in Mediterranean environment

Muhlbachova, G., Vavera R., Ruzek P. (CZ)

Changes of microbial characteristics, organic carbon, nutrients and CO2-fluxes and in soils under different soil tillage practices.

Sarapatka, B., Cap, L. (CZ)

Effect of different tillage on selected soil biological and biochemical characteristics

Session 2: The effect of different agronomic measures on biotic organisms (occurrence, harmfulness of diseases, pests and weeds)


Keynote lecture: Smutny, V. , Winkler, J. (CZ): Weed spectrum changes under different cropping systems

Session 3: Perspective soil tillage practices (mechanization of agriculture, energy inputs, economy)

Keynote lecture: Weisskopf, P., Keller, T., Anken, T., Holpp , M. (CH): Controlled Traffic farming as a strategy to reduce compaction risks

Shehrawat, P., S. , Kumar , A. (IND)

Zero-tillage technology-Knowledge, adoption and constraints perceived for sustainable farming and healthy environment

Rosner, J., Klik, A. (AT)

Minimum tillage and environmental aspects

1. September (Thursday)

Session 4: Crop production and climate change (extreme events – drought and flood)

Keynote lecture: Várallyay, G. (HU): Soil as moderator of extreme hydrological events – drought and flood.

Devi, P., Shehrawat, P. S. (IND)

Agriculture Production for Rural Ecological Sanitation and Healthy Environment

Hlavinka, P., Trnka, M., Semeradová, D., Balek, J., Mozny, M., Eitzinger, J., Zalud, Z. (CZ-AT)

Agricultural drought and its impact within yields of selected crops in Czech Republic

Session 5: Cropping systems (modification crop management practices adapted to the soil conditions – crops and crop varieties, crop rotation, fertilization in conventional, organic and precision agriculture)

Keynote lecture: Birkas, M., Jug, D., Kisic, I., Smutny, V., Jolankai, M. (HU-CRO-CZ): Step-by-step adoption of adaptable soil tillage in Central Europe

Sharma, U. C., Sharma , V. (IND)

Cropping systems adaptable to acidic soils and high rainfall conditions in the north-eastern region of India

Tyburski, J., Rychcik, B. (PL)

Yielding of selected varieties of winter wheat

Posters discussion:

Session 1:

Frydrych, J., Andert, D., Kovaricek, P., Vlaskova, M. (CZ)

Evaluation of water infiltration on grassland

Badalikova, B., Bartlova, J. (CZ)

Degradation processes in soil under different soil tillage technologies

Zigova, A., Stastny, M. (CZ)

Mineral composition of agricultural soils developed on loess

Javurek, M., Vach, M. (CZ)

Long-term effect of conservation tillage on dynamics of some soil properties in a Luvisol, loam soil

Pospisilova, L., Bakajova, J., Kucernik, J. (CZ)

Thermo-oxidative stability of different origin humic substances

Pospisilova, L., Jurica, L. (CZ)

Characterisation of lignohumate by infrared spectroscopy

Bartlova, J., Badalikova, B. (CZ)

Water stability of soil aggregates by different soil tillage on chernozem

Bartlova, J., Lang. J, Kubikova, Z. (CZ)

The effect of traversing on soil penetration pressure

Dryslova, T., et al. (CZ)

Effect of soil tillage on soil properties

Pokorny, E., Brtnicky, M., Denesova, O., Podesvova, J., Stralkova, R. (CZ)

Impact of the climate on the physical soil properties

Prochazka, J. et al. (CZ)

Impact of catch crops on soil nitrogen kontent

Stępień, A. (PL)

The influence of a meat and bone meal, and spraying with effective microorganisms on the aggregate composition of soil

Stępień A., Orzech, K. (PL)

The influence of a meat and bone meal, and spraying with effective microorganisms on the aggregation coefficients of the medium soil

Session 2:

Vondra M., Smutny V. (CZ)

Detection of herbicide phytotoxicity in poppy stand

Session 3:

Vach, M., Javurek, M., Hysek, J. (CZ)

The influence of different stand establishment and chosen biopreparations on production and health condition of winter wheat

Neudert, L. et al. (CZ)

Soil tillage and yield level in different crops

Novosadova, I., Prochazka, J., Kubikova, Z. (CZ)

Soil processing methods and their effects on soil parameters

Orzech, K., Marks, M., Stępień, A., Treder, K. (PL)

Influence of soil packing and tillage systems on weeds in winter wheat

Houst, M. (CZ)

Effect of different soil tillage intensity on yield of winter wheat

Hula, J., Gutu, D., Kovaricek, P. (CZ)

Soil compaction during the machines controlled traffic

Kovaricek, P., Hula, J., Vlaskova, M. (CZ)

Water infiltration into compacted soil in driving tracks of machinery

Session 5:

Lang, J., Novosadova, I. (CZ)

Yield and quality of forage in different cuttings during vegetation and variol nitrogen fertilizing

Novosadova, I., Lang, J. (CZ)

Quality characteristics of the red clover and white clover varieties

Dryslova, T. et al. (CZ)

Effect of soil tillage on yields

Vavera, R., Ruzek, P., Kusa, H. (CZ)

The effect of different soil tillage and different intensity of plant nutrition and protection on the yield and grain quality of winter wheat

Prochazkova, B., Dryslova, T., Houst, M., Hledik, P. (CZ)

Effect of different tiilage systems on spring barley yields

Lukas, V., Neudert, L., Kren, J. (CZ)

Mapping the spatial variability of soil using indirect methods

Lukas, V., Neudert,L., Houst, M., Prochazkova, B., Illek, F. (CZ)

Effect of different soil tillage on water infiltration into soil

2. September (Friday)

Field trip and excursion (preliminary programe):

Visit of agricultural enterprise in Bohemia region (growing of maize under different soil tillage systems, maize hybrids, biogas station). Visit of some castle and Czech Brewery.