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About the conference

Soil is an ecosystem that can be managed to provide nutrients for plant growth, absorb and retain  precipitation  for use in  periods of drought, filter and buffer potential pollutants  leaving our fields, serve as a firm foundation for agricultural activities and provide an environment for the flourishing and diversification of soil microbes  that keep  the ecosystem running smoothly. Healthy soil is the foundation of  profitable, productive and ecological friendly agricultural systems.

European farmers need to adapt to  changing climate, which often means  changes in crop management practices and diversification of income sources. Extreme weather and climate events (including droughts and heat waves) can significantly  reduce yields of some crops. The projected increase in these  events is expected to increase the risk of crop losses, resulting  in higher food prices and reduced food security. Opportunities exists to  implement a wide range  of  farm-level measures  to improve  soil and water management , which can bring  adaptation, mitigation and  environmental and economic benefits.